Making life better for doctors

We’re Medcapital, and we’re here to look after the financial wellbeing of doctors. It’s something we’re very good at too.

On average, we’ve increased the lifetime wealth of Medcapital clients by more than $3 million.

While there is no secret to what we do, there is a deep ‘why’ that drives us - and this does make us different.

What makes Medcapital different

“I WILL ATTEND TO my own health, well-being, and abilities in order to provide care of the highest standard.”

– World Medical Association Declaration of Geneva - October 2017

Medcapital is part of Medenterprises, a group of companies dedicated to helping doctors fulfill their obligation to the Declaration of Geneva and look after their own wellbeing, including their financial wellbeing. We believe standard financial approaches fail to accommodate the unique needs of time-poor doctors. This results in poorer outcomes for doctors and greater stress levels in the medical profession. That’s why we decided to re-think traditional wealth and investment models and design a conservative, long-term wealth service exclusively for doctors.

Our approach to financial wellbeing

Rather than the fragmented “add-on” services of other financial companies, our approach takes inspiration from the way doctors work.

We bring together a wide-ranging team of financial disciplines and collaborate in round-table discussions - just like your multidisciplinary team approach, used to ensure the best outcome for a patient, we use a team of experts to get the best results for your financial future.

It’s a proven approach that generates better solutions at every key moment in a doctor's life - from buying a house while locuming, to getting the right finance to open a practice, or managing an investment portfolio for early retirement.

About Medenterprises

Medenterprises is made up of Medworld, Medrecruit, and Medcapital. Collectively, we are shaping the future of the medical profession with doctors at our heart.

We also have a partner company - an all-of-financial-life wealth company for everyday Kiwis.

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