Just like you, we start with a diagnosis

Designed for doctors

We have completely redesigned the traditional financial approach to work better for time-poor doctors.

Managed by experts

Doctors have unique needs, so our team of experts cover a wider-range of financial disciplines.

Committed to you

We build long-term relationships with doctors, based on trust and results. We’re there to help at every stage of your career.

Our 5 step process to financial wellbeing.

Designed for time-poor doctors, our evidence-based approach creates better financial outcomes for those in the medical profession.

On average, our clients increase their lifetime value by $3 million.

Step 1: Financial Health Check

Just like you, we start with a diagnosis. Our financial health check consists of a 30-minute consultation with a Private Wealth Manager. Together, you’ll explore where you’re at, what you value, and what your big goals are.

Step 2: Discovery Meeting

We have a team of specialists across mortgage broking, insurance, and investment. Using their expert insights, they'll each develop a plan best suited to your situation.

Step 3: Roundtable Strategy

The team comes together to do a roundtable session on your plan. Each area expert proposes their ideas, and as a group led by the senior financial advisor, they decide the best way these elements can work together, modeling the inputs for the best result.

Step 4: Implementation

We then work with you to ensure that the plan fits your ambitions and ability to service while still living the life you want now. You’re in control and make the decisions. We do the hard work and give guidance.

Step 5: Review and Improve

We regularly check the investment horizon and every mortgage renewal to make sure that we have the best plan in place for your evolving needs. Our business is built on long-term relationships and delivering value at every step.

We want to be the third best thing that ever happens to you – after kids and family

Richard Clark , Co-Founder Medcapital
What does a Medcapital plan look like?

Your plan will be unique to you, but it will be built on our three core principles: protect, grow, and enjoy. We call this the Exceptional Wealth Model.

With your model in place, we carefully guide your financial path and get time to work for you.

Frequently Asked Questions
How does Medcapital make money?

We run our service for a mixture of fees and commissions. All our plans are presented with transparent cost structures, and all our returns quoted are net of costs. We’re a business built on long-term relationships, and we only keep clients if we keep providing outsize value.

How are our team paid?

Every member of our team is paid a salary, so you can rest assured that they are not trying to make a sale. They are paid to create solutions that provide the best long-term value for you.

Do you offer any guarantees?

We offer a money-back guarantee on any of the fees we charge if you are not satisfied with the results. For example, for an initial plan, we have a $500 fee. If you are not satisfied with the results of this plan you would be able to ask for that investment back.

Are you affiliated with one financial provider?

Unlike most wealth advisors, we do not have only one product to sell - so we are able to be truly agnostic and offer you the advice that will benefit you the most, at the right time for you.

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